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skeddy_kat in atlantis100

Giving Words [Picnic Challenge]

Title: Giving Words
Rating : Gen
Characters: Team
Spoilers/Warnings: Obliquely for Sunday
A/N: The title is from Macbeth Give sorrow words;/the grief that does not speak/Whispers the o'er-fraught heart/and bids it break. (Act IV, Scene III)

Predictably, Rodney (who needed it most) was hardest to convince. He capitulated after exchanging quiet words with Ronon. John agreed readily, volunteering to fly them to a quiet cove. Teyla spent two days putting together plans and arranging for foods. She even borrowed a real picnic basket.

They spread a quilt under shade trees. They waded, and played, and laughed, and stuffed themselves with a surprising selection of their favorite treats. Later, as the sun sank into the sea, they built a fire and began to talk.

Eventually, even Rodney spoke. “I met Carson right before we left for Antarctica. . .”



Aw, very nice. :D
Thank you. I think Teyla could help them heal.
Awwww I like it. Good to see them taking some time off.
I think they need a breather after Sunday .