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magick_dreaming in atlantis100

Challege Topic: Picnic

Title: Rain
Rating: PG-13
Pairing:  Sheppard/McKay
Spoilers:  None
Author's Note:  First post - hope it's ok!

The rain was light, a soft trickle that still reached Rodney under the tree he leaned his shoulder against.  Book open, a slight frown, and worlds away.  John stood a few paces back, watching the horizon.  His eyes flicked to Rodney.  A single raindrop had fallen on Rodney's neck.  John closed his eyes and could almost taste it, feel his tongue licking it away and his breath warming Rodney's skin.  He opened his eyes and watched the raindrop slide down Rodney's neck and disappear under his collar.  He imagined it's path down Rodney's back, biting his lip on a sigh.


Very nice imagery, will there be a sequel? Thanks.
I'm thinking about fleshing it out into a full story and posting it in one of the other fanfic communities. =)
Very nice.
thanks! =)