Challege Topic: Picnic

Title: Rain
Rating: PG-13
Pairing:  Sheppard/McKay
Spoilers:  None
Author's Note:  First post - hope it's ok!

The rain was light, a soft trickle that still reached Rodney under the tree he leaned his shoulder against.  Book open, a slight frown, and worlds away.  John stood a few paces back, watching the horizon.  His eyes flicked to Rodney.  A single raindrop had fallen on Rodney's neck.  John closed his eyes and could almost taste it, feel his tongue licking it away and his breath warming Rodney's skin.  He opened his eyes and watched the raindrop slide down Rodney's neck and disappear under his collar.  He imagined it's path down Rodney's back, biting his lip on a sigh.

Nightmare [Old Challenge-Fire]

Title: Nightmare
Rating: Gen
Character: Sheppard
Spoilers/Warnings: A rather dark tag for Common Ground
Tell me, Sheppard, if you found yourself burning alive, would you settle for just one drop of water...

That night John dreamed of fire – hunger so bright, so hot, that he blazed through the corridors feasting on everyone he found until he found them all. He was invincible! Life coursed through his veins, better than booze, drugs and sex added together.

He awoke energized. His team had a "traumatic experience recovery" day-off scheduled on the mainland. He radioed letting them know he was coming, but nobody answered. Unbidden, came a half-remembered flash of terrified blue eyes, of sad brown ones dimming. Hand shaking, he reached for his headset again, but stopped. He sat on his bed, and waited.

Challenge Topic - Wedding or Old Challenge

Apologies for not posting a new topic last week, am rather busy at the moment as I'm getting married on the 4th August!

So the new challenge is...


However, as I won't be able to post a new challenge for a couple of weeks, you can also use one of the old challenges.

You'll find the list here or by checking the challenge tags.

I hope you are all having a good summer.