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sga - sparktober

mylittleredgirl in atlantis100

challenge: west wing titles

Title: "A Proportional Response"
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Sheppard/Teyla

He sleeps with Teyla because he feels guilty.

They don't talk about how he woke the Wraith, or how her world is burned, or how he's never going to be able to put it right again, not really, not for all his Earthly bravado.

When he makes her come, it's like he's paying her back, in pennies. He lays his body across hers like a human barricade and prays that, the next time she opens her mouth, she won't say anything of substance.

"Love you," she murmurs, but her voice catches like she doesn't mean it.

He hopes that's true.




Much love for this in a deep and likely scary way.
eeeep! high praise. *snuggles you with great deep and scary love*

I think I've needed to get this idea off my brain since Suspicion. There is such possibility for dysfunction with this particular OTP.
I'd never realized it, but seeing this, you're so right! Did you ever read Sensitivity by tielan? It's not John/Elizabeth per se, but it has weird Shep/Teyla relationship dysfunction that made me uncomfortably happy. *blinks*
Remember the conversation about how you have to know how to write in order to be allowed to break the rules??? Case in point: vague pronoun reference "He hopes that's true." OMG!!! 'Tis wonderful because 'tis a vague pronoun reference--but none of the freshmen whose "that"s I circle in red ink and write "what?" above would ever understand this!!!

Okay, um, yes, the fic!!!! Really, really love it (and only feel a little like a traitor for saying so!)--because I've never been opposed to Shep/Teyla per se, but I just don't see it on the show usually. Or really, ever. But it was there and was gorgeous and angsty like this, I could probably go for it. Gorgeous, gorgeous. *fangirls*

*stresses for a moment over lack of an appropriate icon, but goes for Shep/Weir anyway because, hey, I can't be that faithless!*
Ahahahaha, I totally just changed the icon on the post away from Shep/Weir, because I realized that was, er, uncouth or something. *shamed*

I'm glad the vague pronoun reference works! :) Pronouns are so my friends when even I can't quite decide what exactly I mean.

*giggles at your professorness*

I really really like Shep/Teyla dysfunctional. It is riddled with so many beautiful issues that... well, I really have no idea how I would resolve. Eep.
You know, I kind of like Shep/Weir dysfunctional too, though. Or at least most of the time--though I guess I'm more inclined to give them an eventual happy ending. But what's up with wanting to see these people in angst and pain? *ponders*
Mmmmmmm, I love the Shep/Weir dysfunction so very much. However, it's easier to get over, so it's easier to give them a happy ending (and happy scenes in the interim). I guess... I can read Shep/Teyla in a fluffier way, too...


They do break very prettily, these people, but most of the time I like fluffy fic. Since... well, the show does enough awful things to them all on its own.
Love this, omg.
*loves you*
It's just so messed up...and sadly, that's the only way I see that ship.

I know not everyone does. But since this plays to the only way I see the ship, I love it. *g*
I am told by Shep/Teyla fan that the difference between S/W fans and S/T fans is all in how we view Shep -- ours is much darker and theirs is more compassionate. I will have to ponder on this, because I am very entrenched in my view. This makes every relationship he'll be in a little bit dysfunctional, I guess.

And I can see Shep/Teyla both messed up and not. I just prefer to see it messed up, because it feels more interesting.
No, I don't agree with this AT ALL. I don't believe for one minute it's about how we view Sheppard. It's all to do with the female character we like best and the one we identify with most/want to be the most. I don't identify with Teyla very much, whereas Weir I do. Check out the GW forums. Those who are S/W shippers all think Tori rocks. Those who ship S/T think Rachel is lovely, cute etc.

We all probably fancy Joe/Sheppard tho.
Hee. *pretty much agrees with you omg*
It's a question of simply not seeing the chemistry for me, I fear. And it's funny that in one of the lowdown specials, Rachel Luttrell was saying that she and Joe Flanigan are the same astrological sign, which is bad for romance funny, I'd say the fact that he's married is bad for romance, but what do I know, but that John and Teyla weren't, so that was all right.

I guess it's kind of evil of me to take that as validation of the lack of chemistry. I do like both actors, and I occassionally like both characters, although Shep a hella lot more than Teyla and I think both could use a lot of work. And I can't quite put my finger on why, other than perhaps it's that they try to pack too much into the characters and it ends up resembling "needs work". That's definitely part of my Teyla issues; they want her to be soooo much and at some point, I just rebell.

But yeah, messed up is more intersting. My favorite main on SGA is McKay; in real life, I'd despise him.
Awesome. *adds to very small list of Shep/Teyla fics I will read over and over again* Hee.
It does seem like there's a group of Sheppard/Weir writers who write Sheppard/Teyla for Sheppard/Weir readers.

... fandom is a strange thing.
And usually written better than the majority of S/T fic I've read I have to say.

Well done (I think). I wrote Sheppard/Teyla in my fanfic (have you read it yet? oh never mind). I made her fiesty and but someone who loves him and wants what's best for him (in my universe that was Weir but never mind...)
Teyla is pretty fiesty. I love her madly. And the thing is... I really *can* see the star-crossed-love better with Shep/Teyla than with John/Liz, you know? I just think there would be more star-crossing and less kittens and bunnies. (And you know what a fan of kittens and bunnies I am.)

I think there's a good possibility that Teyla loves Shep, on some level, anyway... I'm just kinda toying around with why. (And how romantic it really is.)

I'd really like to write a seriously Shep/Teyla fic, if I could manage it, incorporating my thoughts of how dysfunctional it is in places and have them end up IN LOVE OMG... but I am afraid of all of you!
I had them being really fond of each other, but as for romantic love? Nah, I don't buy it. It's because they just aren't sexy enough. In my opinion. For my ship I have to have UST, I have to have Sex. It just isn't there for Sheppard and Teyla. It's just flat as a pancake.
wow. This is the only way I can imagine Sheyla - beautifully done. And how economically you portrayed Shep - using sex as payment and penance is perfect for him and says everything about his character.
Thank you! And aww, Shep is kinda screwed-up in the head, isn't he? Poor boy.

... I am terribly amused by your icon. ET! ET!
why thank you! It was the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw the screen cap.

We do love our screwed-up-in-the-head Shep, don't we?
Ooh... you made me like a Sheppard/Teyla fic! :) Messed up and angsty, oh yes. I like it.
Hee! Perhaps I should have made the pairing be Sheppard/Teyla for non-Sheppard/Teyla fans, since I feel that might have been more accurate.

Heh, maybe.

... and now I'm wondering what Sheppard/Weir for non-Sheppard/Weir fans would be like.
... !!!!

I have no idea! That sounds really interesting. Ooooooh.

But how would we find out?
Take a poll of all Shep/Teyla shippers, maybe?

"Under what circumstances would you willingly read Sheppard/Weir and then actually enjoy it?"

(And the answer, "A fic where Sheppard and Weir break up" will NOT count, either. :P)

I have some Shep/Teyla 'shippers on my friends-list who read some of my fluffier, UST-mostly-friendship Shep/Weir fic, so... maybe that's what we're looking for? I suspect they're not averse to them having a professionally codependent relationship or being good friends.

I feel like that's cheating, though. I'm pretty sure most pairings are safe for other-ship readers if the story only goes juuust over the border into UST-land.

Hmmmm. Maybe if he sexes her because he's grieving for Teyla? I've read those a few times.
Yeah, I can handle most any pairing if it's mostly friendship/mild UST.

But yes, I think that would work. We sort of get our fix, the Sheppard/Teyla shippers sort of get theirs. I can definitely see that...